Established in 2013, OHMKara is a cultural organization in the United States with a mission of promoting Indian culture, heritage and art across the world via musical concerts and other programs from renowned young and veteran singers and musicians from India and across the world.


OHMKara under the leadership of their Chairman and successful businessman, community activist and self-less visionary leader Pinakin Pathak organized a team of six individuals to promote language, music, heritage, art and rich culture of Gujarat and India across the world.  Mr. Pathak has engaged with many community organizations to provide his service to the community to make a positive impact without any personal or political interest.

The other team members of OHMKara include the following:

  1. Tushar Patel who has been affiliated with Federal Government for the past 23 years and involved with community services and volunteer for many organizations from the past 20 years in New Jersey.
  2. Ashish Mehta, a successful technology expert who has been engaged with many community activities with various organizations for more than 15 years.
  3. Deepak Trivedi who has been involved with many community activities in the past and serving in the office of Council on Foreign Relations in New York for many years.
  4. Nishil Parikh, a technology expert, literature lover and past involvement with many community organizations including FIA and Akshaya Patra.
  5. Kalpana Mehta, a teacher by profession and community volunteer with many organizations including March of Dimes.

The entire OHMKara team has dedicated their time and services for the community betterment especially to promote and keep our rich culture and heritage alive in the U.S. and across the world.

OHMKara organized musical concerts in 2014, 2015, and 2016 in nine states in 16 cities in the U.S.  The musical concerts “Samanavay” in 2014, “Avinashi Avinash” in 2015, and “Mor Bani Thangaat Kare” in 2016, to promote Gujarati music and literature outside of India including Muscat, Oman and Dubai, U.A.E.    Young, dynamic and renowned poet, writer and producer Ankit Trivedi,  Margi Hathi and renowned singers like Parthiv Gohil, and two living legends of Gujarati music and renowned music composers and singers Gaurang Vyas and Purushottam Upadhyay were part of these musical journeys.   The renowned, young and talented singers Bhumik Shah, Himali Vyas-Naik, Praher Vora, Gargi Vora, Aanal Vasavada, Divyang Anjaria and Nayan Pancholi and talented musicians from India were part of these extravagant musical tours organized by OHMKara and their dedicated team.    Thousands of music lovers enjoyed state of the art, world-wide musical journey of Gujarati music in last three years.

To continue to promote India’s rich culture, heritage, art and music, OHMKara is committed and planning to have Navratri Garba with young, dynamic and talented singer Parth Oza and his musical orchestra in September-October 2016 in the major cities in the U.S.

Mission and Objectives of OHMkara

  1. Promote language, culture, art and heritage via music and other programs to keep Indian language and music alive in the U.S. and across the world.
  2. Appreciate, uplift and promote young, talented singers and musicians from India and across the world to provide professional platform.
  3. Provide support to non-profit organizations to meet their goals in India and the U.S.
  4. Organize cultural and educational activities to promote Indian culture and heritage across the world via musical and other entertainment programs.